Our Proprietary Methodology that Converts Likes into Qualified Leads

What Is Datum?

Our novel, cost-efficient proprietary methodology transforms analytics into action connecting businesses to the right audience. Using quantitative and qualitative approaches, we design the framework identifying key performance indicators for campaign forecasting and marketing optimization.

Datum focuses on metrics needed to refine selling propositions, pinpoint strengths and opportunities, and designing tailored solutions that convert into quality leads.

Datum prepares the roadmap that connects your brand with the right audience; we don’t find customers, we create relationships that positively impact the planet.

Our Process

We start by asking questions, lots of questions.

Understanding our customer’s ecosystem and the multiple goals they are looking to meet with our collaboration is our cornerstone; because jumping into marketing without knowing who you are, where you come from, and where you want to be as a company is alien for us.

We use quantitative and qualitative approaches in a five-stage process that starts by auditing our customer’s digital presence, digging data meaningful to the business, and ensuring the website meets the latest SEO requirements. We transform data into strategy, identifying opportunities, relationships, and key stakeholders, focusing on keeping our customers ahead of the competition.

Loyal to our beliefs, we design strategies focused on creating valuable content, implementing tailored solutions, improving ROI, and making an impact.

Our Strategy

Growing your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with customers, and partners that bring value to the business’ ecosystem and goals.

We don’t find you customers. We attract the right audience for your brand with valuable content and trust.

We use the Pareto Principle to identify the small number of big issues that make a difference, making sure sustainability goals are at the center.

Our Services

We provide best-in-class social media intelligence, market research, strategic planning, creative communication, digital communications and sponsored content to leverage your business and sustainability goals.

Social media intelligence and market research for proper forecasting and optimization.

Strategic planning and tactic mapping for refining inbound marketing goals .

Storytelling and sponsored content for brand positioning and leads conversion.

Are You Ready?